Jane Allen Consulting, Inc.


Reviewer for International Toxicology Journals:

Toxicological Sciences, Mutation Research, Toxicology in vitro,

Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis, Critical Reviews in

Toxicology, Journal of Clinical Investigation, Food & Chemical Toxicology

Society of Toxicology

Elected Councilor, Regulatory Affairs and Legislative Assistance Specialty Group

Elected Councilor, Carcinogenicity Specialty Group

Genetic Toxicology Association

Elected Member, Board of Directors and Problems Committee

Genetic and Environmental Mutagen Society

Elected Councilor

Chairman, Outreach Committee

International Life Sciences Institute- Alternative Carcinogenicity Testing Program

Chairman, Clofibrate International Working Group, Alternative

Oncogenicity Assays

Member, Tg.AC Assay Working Group

Member, Poster Committee

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturing Association

Member, US ICH Harmonisation Task Force – Genetic Toxicology

Member, Animal Welfare Task Force

Environmental Mutagen Society

Elected Councilor

Member, Program and Nominating Committees

American Society for Testing and Materials

Elected Chairman, Genetic Toxicology Subcommittee

Reviewer, Environmental Protection Agency Fellowship Programs

Invited Lectures and Session Chairmanships:

Society of Toxicology Annual Meeting, 6 occasions

Environmental Mutagen Society Annual Meeting, 5 occasions

Genetic Toxicology Association Annual Meeting, 4 occasions

Association of Official Analytical Chemists

FDA-EPA Joint Government/Industry Toxicology Symposium

Society of Industrial Microbiologists

Gordon Conference

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

North Carolina State University

A list of PUBLICATIONS and ABSTRACTS from 1990 to present is available upon request.